Sell Gym Memberships 24/7 Closed or Open

Gymnify is Door Access Integrated with Your Billing Software.

Never Miss Sales or Chase Past Due Accounts Again.

See How It Works in One Minute

Sell memberships through social media. Get paid immediately.

It’s as simple as adding a link to a Facebook post or Groupon.

Our research shows that gym memberships are often an impulse purchase. Someone is up at night, trying to figure out how to improve their lives. They think about working out. They look for a gym. Most of the time it stops there.

But with Gymnify, when a potential client finds your gym, they can sign up RIGHT THEN.

Our research shows that almost 40% of new memberships are sold between midnight and 8am. Don’t lose these sales.

Features & Benefits.

Automated Door Access

Members can check themselves in…but only if they have an up to date billing account.

Staff Free Check In

No staff is necessary to check membership cards. No staff is necessary to check people into classes. Staff can focus on improving client experience.

Increase Revenue

Members can join 24/7 which extends your selling opportunities. Gyms can extend hours to appeal to more clients. Staff can focus on selling training and products rather than admin.

Eliminate Delinquent A/R

No more chasing after members who have not paid their bills. No more difficult conversations. Gymnify automates accounts receivable.

Expanded Modules

Add more revenue opportunities and delight your members with our expanded module options. From social spaces, events, on demand videos, virtual training, e-commerce, and more.

Do More

Payment is Based Only On Money You Collect


Billed only on collected $

No tiers – all services included

No upgrade costs

Grow your client base with no cost jumps

Reduce costs in admin and staffing

Makes budgeting and planning easy

Want to see actual revenue numbers
from gyms who have Gymnify?

Sign up to see the bank statements.

Have questions? Send us an email at INFO@GYMNIFYINC.COM